The essence of work; quality control!

Principally, Egesembol aims at full customer satisfaction for the products and services to be offered to the customers thus adapted total quality management understanding through the certified documentation of its established quality system as well. 

Constantly improving its processes and reaching to the highest productivity levels, Egesembol has tested the quality control phases i.e. entry, process and final stages at fully equipped laboratories operating within the body of the company according to RAL GZ 716 standards. 

Egesembol applies the advanced technology it uses in the products under strictly restricted tolerances so principally it executes the dimensional, functional and visual controls, which are taking part in its own process as well as the packaging conformance in order to provide the users with the highest benefits. 

During the production stage, the process controls of each seal are documented and the draft samples are kept since the first day of the company in order to ensure the traceability properly.